Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life 2.0

Talk about a brave young man. Jeremy David, 10 months shy of earning his BCom, is taking the lessons learned from the Subservient Chicken and applying it to real life. Not just real life, but his real life.

Jeremy David will spend the next 10 months taking suggestions from readers, and will then outsource his life for an entire year. That’s right – his life, your control.

Jeremy will be embarking on a year-long trip around the world, with most of his decisions being made by a vote. Sounds like fun.

Don’t just travel with Jeremy as he visits the Sphinx, The Eiffel Tower, Ayers Rock… DECIDE if he visits the Sphinx, The Eiffel Tower, Ayers Rock. And hell, decide if he eats a Big Mac or a Whopper along the way.

How ambitious of this young man to do this in an attempt to grow, while helping his faithful audience grow, too. I could never do it. I don’t trust the people I know well enough to let them make many decisions for me. Let alone those who would become a part of my life for the first time via my willingness to adhere to social direction.

For this, I commend the kid with two first names. With so many different options for a human-directed web, it’s a great paradox for someone to become a web-directed human. I just wish him the best on this journey…. And hope that he heeds my request when asked to ride a skateboard along the entire distance of the Great Wall of China… while laying on his stomach… and wearing a wedding dress… and singing “Viva Las Vegas”.

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