Monday, December 18, 2006

Apple Gets iPunked

After months of speculation, rumours and hearsay, the iPhone was FINALLY formally announced today.

Since early '06, people have been speculating on when it'll be available, what it'll look like, what features and functionality will be included and at what cost. Seemingly everything about the iPhone was a hot topic and the masses all had their own opinion about every aspect.

The long-standing global dialogue basically meant that there was no stone unturned and that odds are when the announcement came, there wouldn't be any surprises. Well, well. Looks like one stone was left unturned.

The iPhone was launched today, but NOT by Apple. Linksys, one of the Cisco brands, has launched the wireless iPhone, a VoiP based phone that will utilize Skype for free or low-cost long distance calls.

So, is this a branding coup of great proportions? Well, reports from October (which helped to fuel the iPhone fire) revealed that Apple had actually trademarked the term iPhone in numerous countries.

So, does this mean those reports were bogus, or was GB one of the countries where they couldn't get the trademark? We'll probably find out over the coming days...

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