Friday, December 01, 2006

Matt Good on World AIDS Day

Another brilliant post by Matt Good today that I couldn't help but share with you, my dedicated, causeful readers. From Matt's blog:

"There is no denying that AIDS is a global epidemic and that its eradication should be a serious and highly urgent global effort. So isn’t it heartbreaking to think that globally over a trillion dollars a year is spent on armaments to kill perfectly healthy people?

Perhaps the earth is simply tired of us. Of all the animals in creation, we serve the least purpose, and our lack of humanity tends to demonstrate that on a daily basis when it comes to the fight against AIDS, especially in those parts of the world where help is needed most. If there was ever a greater need for a world super power to unilaterally and preemptively invade a region of the world, surely this cause is of far greater import than most. The ground troops of such a force could be populated by medical personnel, the stated goal of the mission to help the dispossessed who have thus far suffered under the ignorance of those who refuse to deal with the realities of this epidemic. That is an invasion that I would support, illegal or not.

Perhaps the earth is simply tired of us. Perhaps that is why the Ross Ice Shelf, which is the size of France, could, at any time, simply break off of the Antarctic continent causing global water levels to rise dramatically. Not that that should deter us from making any radical changes in our lives. Not that it should stop us from spending a trillion dollars a year on fascinating new ways of killing one another."

Honest, brutal truth. It's good to know that it's coming from somewhere these days.

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