Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NTP Puts Palm in the Crosshairs

Six months after making RIMs pockets a little lighter (to the tune of 612.5 Mil), NTP is now setting their sights on RIMs biggest rival, Palm - maker of the Treo, NTP is making a similar claim that the technology behind the smartphone infringes on no less than five similar patents than the RIM case.

It's funny how you don't hear too much (anything) from NTP unless they're going out and suing the big guys for patent infringements, whether the claims hold serious weight or not. Makes me wonder - with all these patents, why aren't they actually a real player in the market? Is the company so focused on innovation that they forget that the revenue comes from the follow through?

If you ask me, the most interesting aspect of a company such as NTP is its unorthadox business model. I can see an executive board meeting now. "Organic growth? Acquisitions? Nah - everybody does that. We're an innovator, not a follower. Pumping money into patents and legal teams? That's the way for us. Good meeting. See you at the Christmas Party."

Heads-up, Nokia. You're next.

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Ed Lee said...

yes, there are companies out there who do nothing but think of cool shit, license it and then sue the fuck out of people who they feel infringe on their patents.

Nice work if you can get it.