Monday, November 13, 2006

Second Life - The Time to Buy is NOW

Second Life has been receiving a lot of mainstream press over the past few months, and it's helped to push the number of users of the virtual environment past the million mark already. While a number of companies are already taking part in Life part Two, IBM is one of the companies leading the way with their announcement of an additional $10 mil in funding to Second Life-related initiatives over the twelve months.

With all this additional exposure, coupled with corporations starting to invest heavily in Second Life, is it going to be much longer before the price of land and items in the virtual world skyrockets? It would appear that if companies want to buy in to Second Life, now's the time to do it. Get in while the water's warm. Soon enough, it'll be boiling.

Side point: Working in the tech space, I hear the word "innovation" thrown around like a paper bag in a wind tunnel. However, the majority of the tech companies out there aren't utilizing Second Life to their benefit. If these are the innovators, shouldn't they be all over this innovative way of doing business?

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